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    Cathay Pacific
    Limited-time offer

    Protecting and rewarding your health at all times

    Life is a race. Staying prepared for your best health is the prerequisite to live your full life. During the promotional period, enrol in Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan for limited-time rewards. Together let’s go further. 

    Exclusive offers for better health

    Get insured to earn PURE up to 4-month Fitness Pass for single location in Hong Kong, including four 45-minute personalised PT sessions¹ ² for inbody check-up, analysis, health tips and alignment service. 

    Alternatively, you may opt for up to HKD4,000 shopping voucher¹ ² for health and personal care products to secure your family's health!

    Mileage reward

    Enjoy up to 55,000¹ ² including welcome offer, and 5X miles upon achieving daily goals after you kickstart your wellness journey. Let the journey of your dreams take flight.

    Cathay wellness journey rewards you for a healthy lifestyle. From step counts and sleep logs to hydration and food records, it’s time to achieve greater returns on the time you invest in yourself. 

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    Premium discount

    Get up to 30% off first-year premium² for a family of 4. Enjoy comprehensive medical protection with your family, a key to achieve every milestone without worry.

    Daily premium as low as HKD12

    PURE 1-month Fitness Pass with ​PT session x 4​
    ​Or up to HKD4,000 shopping voucher

    Welcome offer 5,000 x 4 

    Onboard Wellness Journey 5,000 

    Complete daily goals in Wellness Journey Up to 12,500 per Policy year 

    Annual body check per policy year

    Daily premium as low as HKD12

    Onboard Wellness Journey 5,000

    Complete daily goals in Wellness Journey Up to 12,500 per policy year

    Annual body check per policy year

    Daily premium as low as HKD7

    Annual body check per policy year

    Daily premium as low as HKD7

    Annual body check per policy year

    Plan details

    Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan – Coverage summary

    Choose the coverage that suits your needs.
    Annual benefit limit of up to HKD30 million

    Provides you with an annual benefit limit of up to HKD30 million and no lifetime benefit limit.

    Cashless medical services

    Experience “cashless medical services”. This means you will not need to pay deposit to the medical providers, and need not to worry about claims after discharge4. Just focus on your recovery. Let us take care of you, while you take care of yourself.

    Global medical support

    The plan offers flexible coverage wherever you are. You can access a global network of over 1.5 million medical providers. With this plan, you and your loved ones can enjoy comprehensive medical protection.

      Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
    Options for Area of Cover Asia / Worldwide excluding the US / Worldwide
    Room Type

    (Hong Kong/Macau)​
    Standard Ward Semi-Private Room Standard Private Room
    Room Type

    (Outside Hong Kong/Macau)​
    Standard Private Room
    Deductible​ HKD0/ HKD15,000/ HKD30,000 HKD0/ HKD15,000/ HKD30,000/ HKD60,000
    Annual Benefit Limit

    (Applies to Basic Benefits​)​
    HKD10M HKD20M HKD30M
    Lifetime Benefit Limit

    (Applies to Basic Benefits)​
    Key inpatient benefits​ No dollar limit ⁵

    1 Reward is calculated based on a family of 4

    2 Person insured is required to join and complete a goal in wellness journey within 14 days of Policy Inception Date

    3 Only applicable to person insured aged 12 or above

    4 Subject to prior approval, annual benefit limit, designated room type and area of cover.

    Please refer to the product brochure for detailed benefit limits.