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A new approach to your well-being



Rewards for a healthy lifestyle

It’s no secret that maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle has its challenges, but no matter your health or how active you are, there’s never been a better time to kickstart your wellness journey. 

Our Asia Miles by Cathay app will become your all-in-one virtual companion, designed with integrated tools and ongoing wellness inspiration to help you stay on top of your health game, all the while you earn Asia Miles rewards and without spending a dollar. When you enrol with any Cigna health plan through Cathay, you unlock even more opportunities to win more miles.

From step counts and sleep logs to hydration and food records, it’s time to achieve greater returns on the time you invest in yourself.

100 miles for wellness journey new joiners

100 miles for wellness journey new joiners

Register for your new wellness journey and achieve your first daily goal to receive a complimentary Asia Miles 100 (limited-time offer*)

2,555 miles per year for achieving daily goals

2,555 miles per year for achieving daily goals

Earn up to Asia Miles 7 per day when you hit your 6 daily wellness goals

Earn up to 10,000 miles and 5x more miles with Cigna health plans

Earn up to 10,000 miles and 5x more miles with Cigna health plans

Purchase one of our selected Cigna's health insurance plans with Cathay to earn up to  Asia Miles 10,000 (limited-time offer*) and get 5x more miles (totalling an extra  Asia Miles 12,000+ per year) for hitting daily wellness goals 

Meet your health score

As soon as you begin your wellness journey in the Asia Miles by Cathay app, complete the quick health quiz to calculate your health score. 


The score helps you track your progress and improve your health over time with monitored daily activity. As your score increases, you’ll earn more renewal discounts on your Cigna health plan premium.

Win goals and miles

There’s no easy way to adopt new habits, and that’s why we’ve introduced six daily goals to help.


Track your everyday activity by easily pairing your wellness journey with your favourite smart gadget. Each goal is worth up to  Asia Miles 2, meaning you have the chance to earn up to  Asia Miles 2,555 every year. 


Level up your miles rewards with our elevated wellness journey. By purchasing selected Cigna insurance policies through Cathay, you’ll automatically elevate and earn 5x more miles (totalling an extra  Asia Miles 12,000+ per year) on daily wellness goals plus extra challenge perks!

Choose Health! Live rewarded

A healthy lifestyle begins at your fingertips.

We are introducing a brand new wellness journey function which enables you to select your favorite health challenge whenever and wherever you like. Explore it now to earn miles with us. 


How to start your wellness journey



Cathay App

Begin your wellness journey today

Take control, boost your health and reap the rewards with your new virtual health companion. 

Download the Asia Miles by Cathay app and embark on your wellness journey today. 

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