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    From now till 31 January 2024, enrol in Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan and embark on elevated wellness journey to earn up to 75,000.

    Experience the most rewarding health plan for your family

      If you have questions that require a response, please contact us for assistance.
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      Wide range of health plans to have you covered

      Members can pick from our selected medical and health insurance plans offered by Cigna to best suit your personal needs. Embark on the elevated wellness journey on Asia Miles by Cathay app to earn 5X miles every day while achieving simple health goals. 

      Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (Superior)

      Dedicated to families and workers, each policy is eligible for a tax deduction of up to HKD8,000 per year. Enrol in this plan and earn up to 18,000 in the first policy year.

      • Extensive coverage at a daily premium as low as HKD9*, offers semi-private room coverage of up to HKD30 million per year, with no lifetime limit
      • Medical expenses are fully covered, with no sub-limit for each benefit item.
      • Not only are premiums for the plan tax deductible, its deductible options ranging from HKD0 to HKD75,000 which is able to lower your premium

      *Premium is calculated based on a male, aged 18, selecting Semi-Private Room and HKD50,000 deductible

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      Identify your personal needs and pick the most suitable plan for you.
      Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan Cigna Plus Medical Plan Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (Superior) Cigna DIY Health Plan
      Suitable for who?​
      • Have plans to move abroad in the future and require global coverage
      • Frequent flyer
      • Are looking for comprehensive coverage for whole family
      • Office worker with company health plan​
      • Already got a health insurance plan but need extra protection
      • Want to save on taxes
      • Wish to save out-of-pocket medical expenses for your family
      • Are self-employed with no group medical protection
      • Wish to have customized medical coverage
      Premium As low as HKD15 per day​*

      *Calculated based on an aged 28 years old insured person, non-smoker selecting a ward room plan with 15,000 deductibles and Asia coverage
      As low as HKD3 a day​*

      *Calculated based on the standard premium of a 20-24 years old insured person, who selecting a ward room plan with HKD50,000 deductible
      As low as HKD9 a day​*

      *Calculated based on an aged 18 year old insured person, non-smoker selecting the semi-private room plan with HKD50,000 deductible.
      As low as HKD7.5 per day​*

      *Calculated based on a male, aged 27, selecting Dental Benefit plan 1 and Cancer Benefit plan 1
      • Up to HKD30M per policy year with unlimited lifetime limit​
      • Optional Area of Cover Upgrade Guarantee
      • No itemized limit
      • HKD1M annual coverage with high deductible options​
      • No itemized limit​
      • Highest annual coverage for semi-private room plans in Hong Kong, with annual limit of HKD30M and unlimited lifetime limit
      • Premiums can be used for tax deduction up to HKD8,000 per policy per year
      • Customized to suit your needs, over 50 coverage combinations​ to choose from
      • Provides up to HKD1M of cover upon a cancer diagnosis
      Global medical coverage

      (Limited to Asia)
      Discount offer

      (Limited to Asia)​

      (3-month premium refund on second year’s premium)
      Miles earn for first policy year Up to 75,000​*

      *Aggregate maximum miles for a family of 4
      Up to 18,000​ Up to 18,000​ Up to 18,000​
      Renewal rebate

      (Limited to Asia)​
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